Lightmaps + Dynamics

I’ve got scene with static objects. It makes out most of scene. The scene has baked lightmap(shadows + AO). However, there are some dynamic objects. Dynamic objects, of course, can’t have lightmaps. In overall scene works fine(static objects use lightmap, dynamic objects reveive dynamic shadows from everything if they’re in the small frustum). However, there is one problem - the static objects can’t receive those dynamic shadows. If they do, than this makes double overlay(which is bad). I want to fins out how to make a shadowmap which includes only dynamic objects and receive it in the nodes(but the other sun must include all the objects). Is it possible to do this somehow?

Lamp data in the nodes gives shadow map. Use this to shade only dynamic objects. The others can be shadeless. Alternatively you can use different lighting groups.

Hm… Is it possible to select which objects gets rendered in each lamp’s shadow pass? I could make one sun render whole scene(for shadows on dynamic objects) and secon one render only dynamic objects(for shadows on static objects coming from dynamic objects). However, as far as I know, we can’t yet hide objects in shadow renderpass or render specific object lists. Must request this.