Lightning and Portrait using the BLAM calibration add-on?


I followed this tutorial on how to ajust camera using BLAM.
I am relativly amateur in Blender. My questions:

How can I exclude the image projected on the plane being affected by lights? I would like to render an Object into an image, the object should throw a shadow, but I do not want the original image to change in brightness or color. Setting a light like in the tutorial does affect the image however…

I also tried to do this with a portrait picture. I changed the scene resolution to the resolution of my picture (1140 x 1708). However, the image becomes distorted, as if blender stretches it to wide-screen. How can I work with portrait-images?

Any help appreciated!
Thanks y

Understanding from the video that you’ve probably seen what you wanted or rather seen everything needed.

Look how he set the object to glossy and set it to homogenous. Homogenous makes it either have a glossy property which reflects light and makes it nullified from appearing greatly at all or combines two objects as one without affecting the specific properties that each other has, but begins with the first, which is the selected, so therefore the monkey is the leader of the shadow force and you may be able to get a result. I don’t really know. I’m not familiar with this nice addition called BLAM and it’s interesting.