Lightning attack

Hey everyone. In my game I want to have it so that the player can shoot lightning bolts and kill or stun the enemy. I’m not entirely sure if its possible to have the lightning shoot out at the enemy or rain down from the sky or if this attack is even possible but I’d appreciate it if anyone could give me a clue, hint, or tutorial:D.

I can think about several options:

  • several sprites
  • several 3D meshes
  • armature deformed 3D mesh(es) with several poses in one or more actions.

Check the attachment – a simple example.

Left/Right arrow keys to move the cube “player”, Space key to strike it with lightning.


lightning.blend (497 KB)

Hi! @MrPutuLips: hey, nice file, simple and efficient!

Yeah that is a good example. Btw I didn’t mention but it’s a fps game with no arm motion so it would just be the player clicking the mouse to wave their wand/staff to cast the spell. Still though that helps with the Python connected to the player and a plane:D