Lightning Fast Search!!

I have completely stopped using the Search function for all the reasons previously talked about on this forum and just found out today that you can do a Google Search on any given website.


ngPlant wings

“center cursor” keystroke

Extremely FAST & HELPFUL search results.

Wish I knew about this a long time ago!!


The search works fine for me, maybe you should get a faster internet connection.

(Google search)
“center cursor” keystroke
4 Results
0.15 seconds

( search)
“center cursor” keystroke
500 Results (How long might it take for you to find the 4 relevant results assuming they are even among the 500?
5.39 Seconds (0.15 sec or 5.39? I’ll go with the 0.15.)

Glad to hear the search works fine for you!!


You’ve only been able to do that for what, 10 years now?

Actually, about 10 hours. I just came from Pluto and landed on this planet today!!


Or just create a custom Google search engine as detailed in this previous thread about the same subject.
Though I did use the blenderartists search function to find this thread.