Lightning (First work =) ...)

I have made sort of a lightning and this was my first finished work hope you like it :smiley:

Whoa…for a first picture thats a creative way of making lightning… I can see that you used a cloud texture though, maybe if you increase the depth it will be less noticbable,

my new desktop great work!

Looks really awesome, and I love the glow it’s got. Only crit is that when there’s lightning it’s usually on a cloudy day, so I’d possibly change the background. Other than that, nice render.

Yeah it is cloudy out when lightning appears…soooooo…take it a step further. Make like ten clouds, and 6 sets of lightning…make the clouds glow in hopes to create a lighting storm. Make the sky red man…it would be sweet.

Thx all… and this lightning is only maked by 4 marble textures on the world textures 2 for each lightning but you guys gaved me a great idea… will start a project to make a lightning storm thx for the tips :slight_smile:

Yeah, i figured it was a texture…which ca be useful, but seeing it actually modeled…that would be cool

Wow! Wonderfull!

How did you do it? Curves?
Do you think that’s possible to animate it at random for example?

Thx Nostra_Damus… The picture is made by marble textures (no curves) and i dont know if its possible to animate. if anyone got an idea how to animate im willing to listen :slight_smile:

do you have a .blend file i can look at, as i am interested at doing this sort of thing but never could get around to it as i been busy

You can animate using the texture’s offset IPO cuves. I think cog did a tute on animating proceedural textures. It was a useful one.