Lightning in a Stadium during Night

Good evening to all of you fellow Blender artists!
I am relatively new to 3D modelling, but I already love Blender.
This is my problem:
I created a football pitch (soccer for others), and I want it to have a base texture for the material, and another uv with a lightmap texture. I am succesful when baking the lightmap texture for Day and Afternoon versions (just have a sun, a sky, ao, and patience for the baking process). My problem is the night version.
This is my model:

As you can see in this pic, there are some lights placed near the roof (in this picture you see the lights that are placed at the upper side and the left side).
I wanted to make the scene look like this after rendering:
So I placed all those lights in their positions, and set them all as “Point Lighs, Lin/Quad Weighted, Energy 10, Distance 1, Linear 0, Ray Shadow, Adaptive QMC, Samples 8 (for testing), Soft 2”. I also modified the world so that it has a dark blue/black sky, ao multiply, and environment lighting as sky color.

The result is that the stadium is very dark, and not as bright as the real life image.

Can you help so that I can achieve this result?

Thank you very much.

I think the problem is the distance on the lamps.

1 is awefully low for a scene of that size (I am judging by the size of the empty in the middle of the pitch)

The distance is measured in Blender units, so 1 is pretty much from…your lights to the bars they are attached to.

Change that up to 15 and prepare for awesome!

Thank you for the info, however I decided that trying to render the scene that way wasn’t going to make a very realistic result, so I decided I’d do this with Texture Lighting.
Thanks anyway