Lightning McQueen

I saw this has been done but I’m obsessed w/ cars so I thought i’d give it a shot.

Looks good, although there’s not much to comment yet.
Are you going to make a sequel for cars? :smiley:

Great Start!

im trying to get all the little mis-shapen parts out so if you guys could tell me what you think doesnt quite look right that would be great. theres a couple of places im still going to fix

back too, high
front wheel is not half circle(doent look right!)

apart from that…very nice!:slight_smile:

I concure…

i added wheels and exhaust pipes and tried to start on the mouth but its proving to be really hard im not really experienced at modeling but im trying to get it as accurate as i can so ill keep pluggin away at it
ill post pics tomorrow afternoon

Have you used any good pictures or just done on free hand?
Looking good so far

wasn’t this already made, i think by BgDm (correct me if im wrong), and his version was sick

nothing to crit just yet

What would a sequal to Cars be, Radiator Springs becomes a boom town and gets its own race track?:rolleyes:

Right now it looks like a generic car, but still it’s real early to tell if it’s on track of anything.

Looks like a good start, still a bit like Cyborg said a generic shaped car, but yes its early. But the shape of Lightning is there. Good work