Lightning problem

Hello everyone,

I rendered with cycles an unfinished model (first attached image) and I realized that there was a kind of strong light from above that illuminated the buildings (clearly seen on the left building) even in the shadows zone. This scene is only composed by one light (sun), HDRI background.

Trying to figure out why this light was so strong, I changed the background for only a “black color background node” connected to the “world output node”, and I checked that ambient occlusion and clamp direct and indirect were turned off. Then discovered that it was because the lamp light rebound on the asphalt (see second attached image).

My question is: How can I reduce the level bounce (changing material properties, render parameters, etc…) to get a normal bounce level (I want a light rebound, but no so strong).

PD: The asphalt material is in the second attached image.

Thanks a lot!

Use something like this to tone down reflections

Or just give the asphalt a darker color? So it naturally reflects less light and the light will bounce less? maybe