lightning question

Is there a way to make a mesh (plane) act like a illuminated mat glass such as a frosted window which transmits light from a light source behind it?

thanks in advance,

Decrease the Alpha value and activate RayTransp on the mesh’s Material. Set your light source to “Ray Shadow.” Enable TraShadow (also in the Material settings) on all the meshes that the light will be affecting. And be sure to enable “Ray” in the Render Settings.

Hope this is what you wanted.

Lightning is a meteorological phenomena


…which means we’re talking about lighting, not lightning. <- helpful :stuck_out_tongue:

whatever… it helped me a lot. Thanks.
But I was wondering whether I could let light pass through the glass (from the “outside”) and cast shadows of objects (on the “inside”) Such as light passing through window, like the moonshine illuminating a room…?

I have found out how to do it :D. I simply toogle off “traceable” so the light passes through. Thanks anyway.