Lightning sript

I was wonder if there are and scripts that can generate streams lightning (whihc could be tweaked ) off an object and aimed at certain objects? If there isn’ could someone pleeeeeeeeeeease make one :smiley:

none that I know of.


any chance that someone could make one :slight_smile:

Well, I’m afraid there isn’t a lightning scrfipt in existence (there was a tree generator script somewhere, I seem to remember - similar shape…), but it’s not that hard to do in Blender anyway, so I’m not sure why you’d need a script to do it…

A brief description of my preferred method to create lightning follows - if you’re already a Blender master, then please skip :smiley:

Add a plane, delete 2 vertices so you’re just left with a single edge (ie 2 vertices connected together). Right-click on one of the vertices, then control-left click somewhere to add a new connected vertex to it. Select this newly created vertex and do the same again. Repeat again until you have a sort of ‘random forked shape’.
Good, but the problem is that it’s still nothing more than a jagged line :frowning: . Next stage, go back and select some of the previously created vertices (one at a time), and do this same technique again. Basically, you’re trying to create a sort of ‘random tree/lightning’ look. Once you’re happy with it, select all vertices (‘a’ key) and subdivide (‘w’ key, then click subdivide). Subdivide it several times, until your lines are all fairly dense.

Add a new halo material to this object, set its halo size fairly small, then add a colourbanded texture to it. With a bit of material tweaking, you’ll have decent lightning in no time at all :smiley:

Hope this helped.


I kinda of wanted it for an animation not a still. Ie the lighning starts and flickers around the objects it was told to hit and stuff and then ends and starts etc.

Hi ben,

heres a a tutorial thats done by S68: (with L system script)

( look in his tutorials section)


This is cool! I need this for a cless assignment, a Tazer infomercial. I’m in seventh grade, so I’m the only one who can do this, and I need to create lightning that’s really cheasy and zap someone. :smiley:

Could this be put in a build animation to make the lighting look like it came from a certain point an struck a certain point.

On a second note. Could something like this be done in the game engine or would you have to use and animated texture?

I don’t see why you want to use a build effect. A real lightning stroke is so fast that you generally can’t see the “direction” of the arc. It’s really more of a repeated flickering of an instantaneous stroke.

heh i wish blender had paint effects like maya!

Want to make lightning effects in a game? Just play Splinter Cell one day on the highest resolution, tetxures, effects on PC and take a closer look at the lightning in this game, It’s really amazing stuff :o

There’s a maya paint script for Blender, but it’s only a sample

You are ASSuming that I am modeling a real lighting effect. I wanted to know if it can be use in a build effect becasue I wanted to make an animation with a type of plasma weapon.