Lightning storm and power outage

I’m looking to use this at the beginning of a live-action short film. Basically, lightning knocks power out in town. The 10 seconds in the middle will ultimately be where titles appear. I’m trying to make it look as realistic as possible and would appreciate hints or suggestions. Thanks.

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i think it looks good. The animation of the camera facing down towards the town should be much slower imo…and also the cars seems a little big…but apart from that it seems pretty solid :smiley:

If you don’t have time to write something, please vote in the poll - 1 being bad, 10 being Perfect.
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Agree with peter… the camera movement is too abrupt and the cars too big.
Also the blackout should happen from the center of the lightening fall point to the outside, in a circle pattern.
But yeah… love it!


It looks great! But I’d think that when the power went out, it wouldn’t be gradual. The darkness was sort of sliding, when in reality, it would be a lot more sudden. I saw that you used a grid pattern, which was a realistic touch, and the lights on the earth below looked nice :yes:

I think the camera movement should not only be slower, but to get the dark, serious effect that you are going for, the camera movement should accelerate and slow down gradually. If simply lengthening the amount of time for the movement doesn’t do it, some F-curve tweaking may be in order.

The lightning strike seemed to last too long. It looked natural in that it flashed twice and that the flash was a little bigger the second time. If you cut the time in half of the strike, it would look great.

I disagree with some of the other posts about how the power should go out. It shouldn’t be radially or in a wave across the town. I think it should be in sections. If you divide the town into 4-8 sections and have them black out at different times, that would be more realistic. If a group of people is connected to the same powerline/substation, then their power should go out at the same time.

Totally agree.