Lightning Tower (finish)

I think I will just call it done, make one final changes on the bottom design (where the web use to be).
model in blender 2.58
render with blender render
also do some post processing using nodes…
C&C is welcome!


Yeah, that’s just SUPER-TASTY!
Fantastic work, ForgottenWorlds. It could have been on the cover of Omni Magazine, in the Retro Sci Fi edition!

Super super-tasty!

Nice work overall, the only thing I can think of is that the bumpmap in some places looks a little low-resolution and that you should use an image hosting site (the compression done by the attachment system destroyed the image quality)

^Ohhhhh… that is why some people use image host website instead. I think I might consider doing that.
Thanks for the comment!

amazing, I remembered the Nikola Tesla. :slight_smile:

(sigh) Eff My life…

Really nice image, but those elongated structures at the bottom does not seem to fit in withe the overall style, maybe it’s the blue lighting… idk.