Lightning Tower

Okay, another sci-fi/fantasy image that I am working on. This time I want to try out some lightning and thunder.


you should put out the lens flare and increase the luminosity of the sparks

other thing, is weird that four paralell lightning fall at the same time

P.D. sorry my english

I think you already have it almost to perfection, the only things I would look at is the fact that the clouds aren’t illuminated from the light of the bolts where they start and some bright shading on the mountain in the middle left right on the edge that seems inconsistent with the rest of the background.

I think it looks great but at the same time I get the sensation that there’s something missing :S

I am trying to find a way to light up the lightning part of the sky without actually model a entire sky… Anyway, here is a update for now.

The first thing in noticed was that the lightning looks almost like a solid object rather than light. In my opinion each strand should be much thinner and there should be more strands branching off the main one

I think I finally found out a way to fake lightning clouds without modeling a whole sky…
Also change the environmental lighting to sky color instead


It feels kinda cramped, I think maybe there should be some more space around the tower?

Just adding a border might ease it off enough - It’s only small, but it’s bugging me.

Rendering is brilliant by the way :smiley:

I like your concept and your modeling. Good job on those. The biggest thing that stands out to me is the stretching in your procedural textures. You probably have your textures mapped to flat, you should either try mapping them to cylinder, or UV unwrapping the whole thing. The other thing about your textures is they somehow alter the scale of your scene. I can see a ladder in the background, and that tells me that these things are huge, but your textures are so big that I first thought these were very small.

I found this picture of a water tower. It’s probably similar in size to your lightning towers. Notice the size of the rust compared to the size of the tower.

Keep it up! I can’t wait to see more!

I’d suggest a change in composition. The way it is laid out right now is very rigid; too many straight vertical and horizontal lines. Try pulling back the camera a bit and giving it a bit of an angle.

I’m curious, is there some sort of larger project that all these images are part of?

Okay, I UV unwrap those towers (making a few seams) and rotate the camera a little. so hopefully it looks better.

@PlantPerson: No bigger project there, just trying to make something until I can make something that can match those in cgsoceity. (a looooong way to go, so hopefully I don’t give up half way:))


You’ve nailed the cartoony look almost perfectly :slight_smile:
Get rid of the lens flares, they don’t look good.
The biggest problem in this image, is the web at the bottom. From this camera angle it’s completely obvious that it’s just a plane. Move the camera, or make the web more realistic, give the wires an actual depth, rather than just being an infinitely thin plane.

I think you have too many lens flares, but I don’t think they both need to go. The lens flares help draw attention to certain objects, they are more than simply special FX. I would recommend that if you use flares, you use only one, maybe on the bigger tower or something.

a little update…adding some mist and removing the flare for now. still update to come

Another update:

Ah, quite good. I’m loving it. I thought you were intentionally going for the old look, so I didn’t say anything. ATM though, it’s looking pretty wicked. The lighting, rendering, and such looks like an evening storm, which is as it should be.

I think it would be better to with one light source with forks to to towers instead of the current, but other than that, it’s a pleasing image and one i would certainly be pleased with had i made it.

I think I’d crop away the nets at the bottom. That horizontal line is distracting.