Lightning Tutorial

(S68) #1


here’s my explanation on how I made the THunderStom image posted here recently.

I’d bet there are better ways. I should have tweaked more all settings :smiley:



(Goofster) #2

hmm, I thought you were a professor? I thought lightning actually travelled up?

besides that. really usefull tutorial. but that other way was nice too :smiley:


(Riskbreaker) #3

Actually i though lightning goes both up and down (obviously not at the same time). I learnt something about charged particles in the attracting opposite charges…or something like that…but thats besides the point. The point is, cool method dude.


(S68) #4


lightning direction is not so predetermined. Furthermore it depends if you consider the direction as the direction of the CURRENT, of the ELECTRONS (which is the opposite :wink: ) or the direction going from where the air insulating properties break off first :slight_smile:

Thanx for comments,