(d52477001) #1


has there ever been a script created to create good animated lightning? if so, where can i find it?



(Eric) #2

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. What is ‘good animated lightning’ ?

(jesterKing) #3

animated lightning?

as in thunder and storm and lightning?

(RipSting) #4

That WOULD be a good script to do…

Look back here in a few days maybe ;)…

(ray_theway) #5

You can use the l-system script to make lightning meshes, but animation can be difficult (not impossible though- have to combine build effect and some linear IPO’s - :x )

Look for the script here:
And the lightning tut at Stefano’s site:
Sorry- I don’t have time to write a tut on animating the bolt. Mess with halo material’s alpha, the build effect, dupliverted light intensity, add and glow effects… :o
/me waits intently for ripsting’s script…

(d52477001) #6

hi guys,

sorry for the slow reply but ironically :o my modem got hit by lightning. serves me right i guess :-?

anyway… thaks for the links. i’ll report back soon.