Im trying to put in an animation of lightning into a movie me and some mates are making. As i don’t know everything that is possible in Blender just wondered if there is anyway I can make a lightning effect in blender?

Anything is possible in Blender- I think you could make some decent lightning with halos, but there’s probably a better way.

I’m sure there probably is a better way, but i would have no idea what that is. Halo’s could work but how would you animate that?


from Jason Saville,
i have downloaded a .blend some time ago.
You can download this .blend, containing a good material, from because original page seems to be not available
I hope no problems about copyright or authory. Anyway you can learn how do it and make your own. Open it, a render is better than 1000 words.

edit: You can animate the lightning by playing with alpha value of the object/material, on IPO window. (again, do a render and you will understand what i mean, i hope. If not, ask(!) or go to Blender’s Documentation)
edit2: This file will remain available only for some days/weeks, don’t be confident about finding it whenever, please.

Hope you like

That does look very awsome, even though i’m not really sure how he managed that at all. I guess now i jsut have to play wioth it to get it how i want it

If you want highly controllable lightning, the best way to do it is with halo materials.

You can check out the material in the .blend file.
Create a plane object, and delete all but two of the vertices. Use the fractal subdivide button in ‘Mesh Tools’ under Editing in the buttons window. Hit that and set the randomizing factor to 75 or so, and do it again a few times.

Then put a halo material on it. Make the halo color whatever you want, and leave the line color white. Make sure the Lines and XAlpha boxes are checked.

The object was made by taking an object and deleting all but two of the vertices (connected). Then I hit it with fractal subdivision several times.

Hey awsome, now i have the two different ways of doing litning that will be good for this movie. Good old star wars fan films

You can find a decent lightning tutorial at