Lights and Shadows?

How many real time lights can i create in the blender game engine?
How can i make real time shadows?

If i cant make real time shadows then i will have to fake them! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My goal is for my game to look like doom 3, LOL!

8, but this is sort of per layer [and a lamp can be in multiple layers] because lamps only effect objects in their own layer

for good ones you’d have to use tuhopuuu2, but last I remember they were solid black

in the official tree, the only shadow functionality is the blob shadows, achived by having a blob just above the object’s center and having the faces it consists of set to shadow in the paint buttons

that would be a lot of work
[particularly when you start wanting to bumpmap, which although possible in tuhopuu2 requires you to write your own shaders]

Forget the bump map!
Ill find a way to do it!