Lights and Shadows.


I have been trying to figure out how to replicate
these kind of lights and shadows in blender but have had no success.

Anyone here got any ideas?

There are some other images on this site that have the
cool looking blue and orange shadows.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


if it were me i would have two lights one to cast the orange, or blue or whatever color you want, in the shadow, make its power very small so it will only be visible in the shadows, and make another light to actually cast the shadows, set it to a higher power, and when you render it should look right… but you just have to make sure your set up is right, i would position the shadow light directly overhead the objects, and the cast light to the side, so you get those cool shadows, hope this helps :slight_smile:


I’d have to see a picture and or get a blend file from you
to understand.

Here are 2 more from this site.


thats about all i can do right now, i dont have a place to host blends, so i dont know how to upload it, I’m pretty tired right now, so there is probably a better way to do this, but basically you need one lamp, the orange you can see it in the render, and the bluish white, which is dominant, the problem here, in my opinion is tinkering with the values until the orange gets washed away like it would in real life. leaving the shadow the only place where it shows up. You could use Ambient Occlusion with an orange filter to do something simmilar, in fact, that would probably be better, but anyway, I’m going to bed now, hope i was of some help,
oh btw, I’m not 100% on any of this, i usually just play around until i like how things look. :slight_smile:

That sort of thing is not too difficult.

Just think like this… if there’s a blue and a yellow light, then in most of the picture those 2 will mingle… and in light blue and yellow mix to white… but in the shadows cast by the yellow lamp there’s no yellow light so there it’s blue… and vise versa.

Here’s a tiny test done in 2 minutes:

Here’s the blend:

Now if you use area lights in stead of suns and add some ambient occlusion you can get the shadows all nice and soft as in the photos.

What they are doing here is using colored fill-lights and a strong white key. They might also be using goboes on any of the lights to control where the shadows fall. Or, they could have done post-processing in Photoshop. Or any combination of the above.

Although it may appear that you are seeing colored shadows, what you’re actually seeing are ordinary (gray) shadows that are filled with a color.

Although it may appear that you are seeing colored shadows, what you’re actually seeing are ordinary (gray) shadows that are filled with a color.

So how can this be done in blender?

Just wanted to see for myself, did this after about 5 minutes. Just think about how it works in nature! sunlight is pretty blue. incandescent light is orange. so something in direct illumination from both will obviously cast colored shadows. but then we get this natural color correction from our brains that tells us “that plane is uniformly white” when in reality it kinda isn’t. so we simulate that by adding 1 or 2 non-shadow lights that have colors complementary to the shadow lights. rendering and click-drag on the render will bring up RGB values that help.
sorry, I don’t have webspace to upload the blend file, but it shouldn’t be too hard to get the gist of what I’m describing.

Well if you have no webspace
then I could just give you my e-mail
and you could e-mail the file to me.

Will you do that?

I could just send you a PM with my address.

That’s it! Ancient pro-photographer’s trick. Your eye will always tell you what it expects to see, not what it really sees.
OK, played around some more with it, now I have 5 lights for a little more control. 2 shadow caster area lights, 2 non-shadowcaster lamps that are complementary color to the shadow lights, and a sun light for global color adjustment.

Here’s the .blend, although I would recommend that you play around yourself to get the effect first… I always find it more enlightening to learn through experimentation rather than mimicry.

Here is one I did like sunday.

I used 2 Area lights and 1 Hemi.
The blue Area light cast shadows while the other
is used to fill the shadows with orange.
The Hemi is white.

What do you think?

pretty good :slight_smile: looks like the shadows in that first picture.

Hey I checked out your .blend file.
So why did you use the red colored sun?

color correction. without it, since the orange and blue lights don’t exactly cancel each other out, the entire scene is slightly blueishgreen colored. I didn’t use the bright white light because I wanted a darker scene with more pronounced shadows.

Thanks guys!


Set the samples in your lights to 5 and you will see the difference.