lights, camera, where did all my actions go?

this is a new problem, but one that has never shown its ugly face! just got done withe my a walk cycle on a new character, it was great, you guys would love it. one good turn deserves another, right. so hit the “+” on the action editor and start your next animation, right?
fortunately i saved here. and after the save i have a walk action and an new, we will call it walk.001.
exit blender and return, the first walk cycle is no where to be found. and i am left with the only the second one(walk.001) that was visible when i did my save.
i have been working on other things, but when i did all this a month ago on my test character, no problem, my actions did not disappear after reload, all my actions nice and pretty.

i added a bunch for a test and they all done disappeared after i exited the program and reloaded. I am saving after adding each action.

i don’t have a typical gui set up, or preset, but i do have a dope sheet, and action editor, timeline… is there something i am missing.

i am using the new 2.6 release for macOS.

I just figured it out, the “F” button needs to be selected for every action you want to keep, before exiting Blender.