Lights do not light up my scene

So I am designing a simple animation with balloons falling, yes I know balloons usually rise, and a part of the project it to use a three point lighting scheme. So i finish most of my project and went to add lights, however the lights did not light up the scene. I messed around with the strength/wattage, size, and radius, the only light source that works is the sun one, none of the others do. I do have the world strength set to 0 and i am using the viewport shading that includes lighting. I can upload screenshots or a link to the project if that would be helpful. Thanks!

It’s diffficult to guess what’s wrong without seeing the file.

The reason why sun works and other lamps don’t maybe because your scene is extremly huge and lights would have to be equally etremly powerfull as well. Sun light is infinitly far away and hits all surfaces with the same power.
If scaling everything down won’t help I would need to see the file.

What do you mean that you are using the viewport shading that includes lighting?
You can either use render engine that uses lights from the scene or viewport view

heres a link to a google drive file of the project. blender-layout
In that example image, the red circle is the viewport i’m using.

it’s exaclty the same case I described in the previous post.

  1. Select All and scale down by 10. Your average baloon i 4 meter high
  2. increse lamp power from 4.8W to about 480W

The reason why sun needs lower woltage is because it always iluminates all objects with same power regardles of the distance to them.

Thank you!