Lights glow

I notice somthing about headlights, street lamps, ect. The farther away you are the lager the glow area around them, I know this may sound obvious and rather dumb, but I find it interesting and I was thinking, why has’nt this been implemented in Blender yet, has this been over looked, I was also wondering if there might be a way to reproduce this effect correstly in Blender, I know the halo thing is good and all that, but it does’nt create the same effect. I think if we had somthing in either the halo of lamp settings that could reproduce this it would be awsome.

are you sure you have tried all settings for Halo lights? :wink:

Well I did and the Halo Puno was doing somthin’ simular, but still did’nt give a close enough effect though.

Post-pro glow gives a much better effect IMO and doesn’t increase render time. You use it via the sequence editor. There are some good video tutorials on this site for Blender to the right of the page:

One thing I heard was that it doesn’t take account of depth clipping so if a glowing object gets obscured, the glow effect is placed on top. There are ways around it if that does happen by just using layers and compositing. Maya’s glow effect is a post-pro effect too but it takes into account whether objects are in front of the glowing object.

You can even use Photoshop or similar for the glow if you use layers.

You can add the glow effect in the sequencer and use “halo” type lamps with buffer shadows.