Lights not rendering, but showing in viewport

Hi, When going to render this image I was having 2 issues. I suspect the 2 are linked issues. Firstly, when I had an HDRI enabled, external light sources such as a sun or area lights had no effect on the final render. Then, when I took it off, the rendering was not bouncing any light and coming up dull, no matter how much I increased the lighting watts. Im not sure what Im missing here. (This has a particle system that is not showing in viewport due to computing restraints). Its in cycles. Plz Help
Core i7-11700 RTX 3060

Hello and welcome to blender artist !

:smiley: did you try to re-enable rendering on the sun in the outliner ?
You’ve left the camera icon un-ticked , obviously it won’t show up in render, only viewport !


Ah yup, sometimes its the easy things we miss lol


:smiley: that one was an easy to miss … easy to solve !
Good luck on your project !

Im having a similar problem right now, expect it is the other way around, the light is not showing in viewport but it shows on the render, which is not what i want, i obv want the light to be rendered in viewport so i can see what it would look like and see the whole scenery.

i somehow fixed it but i cannot find what caused it to suddenly turn off the sun