Lights Not Working in Viewport or Renders

I opened an older project to make some still images. When I try to render with anything other than a sun, the lights don’t work.

Here is a screen shot of my set-up:

Any help would be appreciated!

look weird but who knows what could have happened …
Try adding a new lamp (a sun) and set it’s intensity to a very very high value, if nothing append then you may look into objects or materials.
For that , try to add a cube and set a default material, and see if something append with the new cube and the new light.
If none of that works , then check renderlayer / render settings , colormanagement ect…
Good luck in your hunt !

Ya, I’ve tried all those things. Still the same.

Problem solved… somehow.

I just went ahead and opened another new file and set up the light before appending the objects from the older file.

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