Lights that show Light Streams

For a quick example of what I’m talking about, look at this picture:

Is there a way to get a light to emit a stream of light, such as the way sunlight makes beams through the clouds, or a flashlight (a powerful flashlight) actually shows it’s beam? I’ve been using spot lights to try to get this effect, but I don’t know how.

Actually Its quite simple. First create a spotlight and enable halo rendering for that spot light. The halo rendering is what creates your “beams” of course the halo looks very soft because there is nothing blocking the light like in your example.
To get a sharper beam simply put something in the way such as a textured cloud with alpha transparency enabled or an actual mesh like a window.

Here is an example blend just so you have something to play with. :wink:


halo.blend (297 KB)

Thanks for the quick reply, and a million thanks for the great tutorial! It works perfectly :slight_smile:

Your welcome, glad to hear I helped.:wink: