Look at this:

Is it possible to to something alike in blender, not using halo?
I want to be able to render it using yafray engine.



Yes, that’s possible and luckily, you can only easily get that effect if you render with Yafray. Just texture some spheres with a pattern mapped to the Emit channel and render using full GI in Yafray. Light will be emitted from the bright bits of your material, lighting up the surrounding area.

Is this possible with Blender Internal?

Oh, cool, thanx.

One problem though, i got it to “glow” in a nice color, but it does’nt really make any light. :confused:

Hum, lemme see…
Made a sphere, add material, add texture, in “Map to”-tab i chose color, clicked “emit”, chose yafray as engine and “Method: Full” in YafRay GI.
Did i miss something?

Im a little tired :slight_smile:

Interesting concept - I kind of got there by enabling “ray mirror” on the surface of my floor. However, it’s not quite the same as the light being beamed onto it in the example given earlier. Wondering about maybe cheating with area lamps.

i got it to work :smiley:

Need to have two separate materials applied - one that’s black or reflecting or whatever, and the other which is has emit on full.

I’m not sure how to make it glow any brighter though :frowning:

I’ll post the blend if you really need it, but it shouldn’t be too hard to work out. Maybe someone else will be able to figure out how to make it glow brighter.


Increase the Emit Power in the Yafray GI options to boost the amount of light emitted.

You should be able to get a similar effect in Blender internal using radiosity, but its not quite as easy.

yep, changing the GI Pwr value works. Just have to adjust the ground plane to be a darker. Here it is after a bit more playing :slight_smile:

That’s nice, Skinnious!

Can you post the .blend-file? I still cant get it to work.

This is a cool effect. It could be used for anything from an optical mouse scene to Tron type scenes. Simple but very useful. :smiley:
Unknowndeepness, click here to grab the file.

so…only works with yafray!!!


You can achieve a similar look in Blender internal but it’s not as easy. Here’s a picture I made by baking radiosity (my objects are quite small so the effect is very pronounced - it can be toned down by reducing the emit values though). I’ve also had to create the patterns using different materials rather than textures.


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