Lightsaber blade

I know that made a video on making one glow but the node system seems different in cycles and i was wondering how to make a glow like in in the blender 2.64 Cycles render engine. I recently tried making the 11th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver but the tip does not look right with just an emission material.

This is the result (would not allow embed the picture right)

The green bulb should glow better but looking at the node set up it does not fit with the old tutorial and i can not find any help anywhere so i was hoping you good folks could help me out.

the glow is done in the compositing nodes, not really the material nodes. compositing set up should be pretty similar to Andrews tutorial

Well the thing is in that tutorial it mentions adding a blur effect but I don’t see that node.

In the compositor, “Add”–>“Filter”–>“Blur”

Probably change it to “Fast Gaussian” and play with the X and Y dimensions of the blur. Run that result into a Mix node (“Add”–>“Color”–>“Mix”), run the original into the other “Image” socket, change “Mix” to “Add”. Voila.

i think i foudn my problem thank you

Can I get a link to Andrew’s tutorial please?