Lightsaber Effect and Paint.Net?

OK, so I just got Paint.Net, and I was wondering if I could do the rotoscoping in that instead of in Blender?

I’ve found some lightsaber tutorials on their forums, and their all pretty good IMO.

SO, I was thinking, since it divides the movie up into frames anyway, could I import the movie (quicktime or something), and export it as targas/jpgs, and composite them in Blender, and if I had to, add keyframes via the IPO window?

The one problem I can see with this approach is that I’m just touching up images…there are no 3d objects or lines to manipulate for the IPO curves.



(The reason I ask about this is because it would be a tad easier than the preparation for doing it in Blender just to get the effect right in Blender…)

You could do this. You can just paint along the line of a white sword (which is what they used for star wars, they had long, thin, white plastic swords that they painted over with rotoscoping).

I don’t use, but I’m sure that you could try it. There’s no harm in trying.