Lightsaber fight

(WeirdHat) #1

Well, I had nothing better to do, so I made this. I’m surprised how well it turned out.

(NateTG) #2

:o :o incredible.

how did you manage to keep the sabre in line with your hands so well?

:o wicked. :o

(shawnsonium) #3

I can describe this in 5 words:

Very well done! Seamless compositing!

(bmax) #4

incredible!!! :o :o :o :o :o


(Alltaken) #5

hmmmmmmm you really remind me of the guy i made all of my star wars animations for.

you look kinda similar and he likes to make alot of light saber battle composites too (hes been doing it for years)


very uncanny (you are much younger though)

:-? :-?

(Goofster) #6

WOOOOO, neat :slight_smile:

I never trusted 13 year-olds with glasses…


(Andy Goralczyk) #7

lol… that’s great, WeirdHat!!!
compositing is very good…

(kaktuswasse) #8

hehe, great composition!!! Is that little guy you? :stuck_out_tongue:

cya henrik

(Detritus) #9

Really good! But it was indeed a cruel thing to do, chopping of his head :wink: .

Hmm… Let me guess how you managed to get the saber to be so straight in relation to your hand; you held a broom-stick or something similar in your hands while filming? Am I right or wrong?

(valarking) #10

Looks awesome Weirdhat, almost professional!

Since noone seems to be saying anything critical about it, I will.
The blades don’t have the “blurring” effect that the lightsabers in Star Wars do. Just watch one of the battles and you’ll see ow much they blur. Though this might be a bit difficult effect.

(WeirdHat) #11

I’m aware of that problem, valarking… I couldn’t think of a good way to do the blur.

Detritus, you’re almost right. :smiley: The lightsaber I’m holding is a toy lightsaber.

I’m amazed how much you guys like this. :stuck_out_tongue: I can see tons of problems with it.

(Eric) #12

Maybe making the saber emitter of a particle stream that has an alpha IPO on it that makes it fade.

(BaDbOyHeRe) #13

that was cool. will keep a copy for awhile, maybe someday it will be a collectors item. I would turn down the saturation a little, and fix the direction of the shadow. just suggestions.


(ScottishPig) #14

Yadda yadda yadda. What everyone else said.

(Timothy) #15

very well done dude!

I can’t wait for the sequel to this :slight_smile:


(Cativo) #16

“Well done my young Padawan!” Sorry, couldn’t resist! Very nice, a bit slow, but good.

(belac) #17

rock on! :slight_smile:

(hannibar) #18

Lovely animation.

About the blur : there is an easy and good method for doing that with the sequence editor. WH : I suppose you have the blender 2.0 manual. Read the tutorial where they do stuff with the sequence editor. It can be very well applied to the lightsaber problem.

(iluvblender) #19

:o :o :o :o :o

amazing composition.

keep up the good work.


(valarking) #20


I am your father!