lightsaber help

Im trying to create a lightsaber using particles, but so far, it is only letting me create hair and fuzz :frowning: . Can someone post a tutorial on the new particle system, or give advice on how to create a lightsaber.

Thanks in advance :wink:

Make a plane.
Delete three edges.
Subvidide about four times the edge.
Add halo texture to it, increase the add numeric value
perhaps to full.
That should do it.

Funny, I just answered another user’s question about this yesterday.

Have you tried the Lightsaber plugin?


Or you could just live with a hairy lightsaber :smiley:

Maybe it could be fiber optic strands.

And now… Blender brings you… THE TROLL SABER!!



Just kidding.
It was one of the first things I asked on these forums… remembers the good old days

But anyway, yeah, just make a line with lots of verts, give it a halo texture, and adjust it to your liking.