lightsaber igniting

how would you make a lightsaber blade igniting

I am thinking particles. Study the particle system and you’ll quickly be making Star Wars effect in no time. :slight_smile:

I used a halo material on two different strings of verts, one in the center was white and one was the outer blue color. I was following a tutorial here that showed how to make it, but on my own I modeled a lightsaber hilt and parented the halo strings to the hilt. Then to start it up, I scaled the blades on local axis down to hide under the hilt and then key framed it, then moved up a few frames and scaled them back out to normal length.

I wonder if this is what you mean, or are you looking for a side effect resulting fom the blade igniting? If you just need a flash, you could just set up a halo object and key frame the scale of the halo to flash, and maybe do the same for a light in the same place.