Lightsaber of Death!

Now in a smaller resolution!
/|\ Links to 1280x1020
I think it’s done.

Love it! It’s nice and original.

The grip is great–It looks like it’s rubberized to help out whoever’s holding it.

If I recall correctly, the “blades” on the lsabers from Star Wars look more like a laser and less like electricity than your “blade,” but yours looks so cool and original that it’s more than made up for. (who says that you have to mimic Lucas all the time?)

Also, there’s something funny about the top part of the hilt (The part where the buttons are). I can’t put my finger on it, but it just looks fake.

I think that if you sort of flattened that spherical thing at the bottom of the hilt, it would look cool. Let it be a neat-looking knob at the base.

Finally, whatever that thing sticking out of the top of the hilt is, I like it. Is it to serve some fictious function, or is it purely aesthetic?

On the whole, great work. Keep it coming.

That looks good! But as kbitz said, the buttons look strange. Maybe model holes in the chrome-detail on which they are put? Keep up the good work!

It’s just there to look sexy. :slight_smile:

And I agree, the buttons should be chromed…


I agree with Detritus about the buttons. every button on every appliance i own has a little grove on the appliance around the button, so the button can move with a little freedom. I don’t see it here and it looks weird to me and may be what’s confusing others… I love the chrome texture and the “blade” itself :slight_smile:
also, I’m just wondering why 3 buttons: On, Off, and …? :wink:


that image post is waaaay to big in here… heh… :-?

scale it down please…most users cant handle it

If most users can’t handle the image sizes then they shouldn’t be looking at ANY images.

I’m an a 56k which gets a bad net connection… but yet I still look through these boards and when I see an image like this I know the 1 minutes of waiting for it to load was worth it!!!

I agree with everyone else on the buttons.

But good, so groovy

Yeah… Sorry about the image size, I render as big as I can, then I’m usually to lazy/it’s to late/combonation of the two to resize.

Any idea’s as to how I could put the little groove around the button? I’ve seen .blends in which people have made circles in a mesh… /me points towards Enos’ lighter. I don’t know how to do it.
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Feel free to IM me if you have any ideas/suggestions!
And the third button is for the self destruct sequence…

Im on DSl and I dont think the 10 second wait is worth it :). scale them to at least 800x600 so they fit screens.

With Booleans?

I don’t know anything about Booleans… :frowning:

again… eehuumm

Kib that runs this site doesn´t like such big images,
make a smaller at max 800x600 or something similar,
and then give link to a higher resolution for those
who really wants to see it big, not all wants to see the big
one, I know it can look good at high resolutions, but not all of us
render it as high as possible, then it would be impossible to
post all images here…since Blender can render bigger images
than 1280x1024, it is only a suggestion , you CAN actually do
bigger renders, just hold down Shift and Left-click with the mouse
and on the pixelsize buttons and enter new bigger values,
but keep in mind, not all users here wants to see such big renders…
to big to fit their screen to actually get a overview of it…
and just because it is huge doesn’t mean it is better than a smaller one…


btw, go to main menu “specials” and look for CJ #5, page 2,
and look for Bloodcellimage, that is mine,
rendered in Blender and post processed in PhotoShop,
it isn’t bigger than 800x600, it can be alot bigger, but why ?
you see what you want, and it fits most screens hehe :wink:


You should write a tutorial! :wink:

Eh, Maybe.

I fixed the res, and gave links to the bigger versions. Sorry about that, I won’t do it again.

Anymore idea’s on the groove-around-the-buttons? Links/tuts would be greatly appreciated.

i would use the intersect button

make a tube that is slightly larger than the button (so when looking straight at the button it looks like a circle)

then make sure the tube goes through the handle of the lightsaber but not out the other side

now join this with the lightsaber handle and in edit mode select all tfaces of the new tube and ONLY the faces that are cut by the tube on the lightsaber.

then press intersect in the edit buttons.

press “L” selecting parts of the mess and delete them untill you just have a handle with a hole in it.

now get the verts that make up the edge of the circle and extrude them. then scale them to zero. remove doubles of everything. now the single vert in the centre of the hole should be moved backwrds to make the impression of an indentation


sounds complicated but really is not!! :smiley:

hey Happydud !

so much better =) now even I can have a overview !
(even if I have 1280x1024 screen res.)…looking good !

I just wonder, the laser in the lightsaber usually looks more
as a laser rather than a fire…or am I wrong ?

otherwise great work with halos/colorbands :wink:

Happy I went back to that model and did the whole booleans thing. It worked out ok, cept your buttons REALLY need to be in the center insted of offset like they are.