Lightsaber project

I decided to start a new project on top of other things recently because I wanted to do something with more realism than I’d done before so I’m gonna do a still image of a hand grabbing a lightsaber (the one from Episode VI). Currently I’m only on the modeling stage;

Any thoughts/crits? :slight_smile:

Well, looking good so far. Are you planning to the fx for the lightsaber in blender or are you going to do post work in photoshop/gimp?. keep it up.

Why thankyou :smiley: Hmm, well I think I might do a separate setup with the FX because the scene I’m doing doesn’t show the saber but I would use blender for that.

Well I’ve completed the hand (it’s my first hand by the way :confused: ), I wanted to use blender sculpting but my rig couldn’t handle the multires level I needed to do the details so I’ll have to have it all in the bump mapping unfortunately. Also I’ve been busy with other things so I haven’t even gotten to the unwrapping yet…

Oh and I was thinking of having the hand at 100% reflectivi- nah I’m just kidding :stuck_out_tongue: (please excuse my shoddy clay render shader).

EDIT: I edited the thumb and little finger, they looked a bit off

Nothing fancy, this was my first time using texture painting, I really messed up the seams and created alot of work for myself before realising this. The resulting texture was pretty poor with the aim of trying to be seamless at the UV edges but it will probably be blurred out in an action shot anyways.

Texture is 1024x1024, only a diffuse and specular map present (I had trouble with my normal maps…)

Well done with texturing :slight_smile:
Where did you got this texture?

Cheers.I took photos (but with rushed lighting, and with a my SLR camera) of my own hand :wink:

Here’s a wireframe by the way;

I’d say thats pretty good texturing!

I’m also interested in technique of creation this arm. Was it made by extruding box/plane or it is result of sculpting?

Cheers. I used the box extrusion technique, I found a good video on it but I made some differences like with the knuckles (I saw J. Williamson do it in a DVD I got) and the modeling of the thumb (but that wasn’t the best idea for edge flow).

My rig can’t handle sculpting, which I why I shall make a new one :smiley:

EDIT: Sorry nvm