lightsaber rotoscope question

I am rotoscoping a lightsaber blade onto a video i made of myself waving a stick around.
I was wondering if it would be possible to have the lightsaber go behind my back.

yes its possible. one way is to create an exact replica of yourself in blender, rig it, and make it move where and how you move, then give it a material that lets the environment show thru (in this case, your video).

another way is to use a sort of 2 cut-out approach and modify the cut out from frame to frame to block your body, just like in the last method.

or, if you’re using a line of halos as the blade, chop it in two and have one end on one side of your body and the other end sticking out from the other side. thus it looks like it passes behind you.

and now for the easiest, imho, method. If you filmed yourself in green screen, use that to generate a mask and for the frames in which the saber is behind your back, use the mask to block the lightsaber layer of footage. Thats one way.

all of this is fairly in-depth, as you can see. :spin: hope it helps.