Lightsaber Rotoscoping Challenge RE-Voting OPEN

Sorry about that but Dudebot13 gave in a late entry and I needed to restart voting. :slight_smile: Dudebot13’s entry was so awesome I couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

So to go again:

Lightsaber Rotoscoping Challenge VOTING OPEN
Choose your favorite.
(I have the videos in this list with their creator so you can see them)

J.L Arts Entries: (video)

BruceM91 Entry:

AlienKid10 Entry:

Loramel Entries:

Radulan Entry:

Dudebot13 Entry:

And be happy contestants. This is a multiple choice poll.

Oops. I need a admin to add a poll with the names of the 6 users. I forgot. :frowning: