Lightsaber Rotoscoping Challenge VOTING OPEN(Re do in new thread) :( Sorry

Choose your favorite.
(I have the videos in this list with their creator so you can see them)

J.L Arts Entries: (video)

BruceM91 Entry:

AlienKid10 Entry:

Loramel Entries:

Radulan Entry:

Dudebot13 Entry:

And be happy contestants. This is a multiple choice poll. :slight_smile:

Let The Voting Begin!

Jl is the man. That looks fantastic. Love the yellow flashes.

JL has the best rotoscoping, Bruce has the best looking saber, and Loramel has the funniest :smiley:

Hey, I might actually win this.

Put me right up there with Mr.Wieber :slight_smile:

I thought that the deadline is the 12th! I am still working on mine… Oh well… Good luck everyone!

Hey Dudebot, if you finish yours I’ll let you in to. Just PM your entry before the 12th :slight_smile:

New entry: Dudebot13. Very late but hopefully someone votes for him

Umm I hate to say but I’m gonna have to start a new thread to vote on. :frowning: Very unorganized.

I guess I just have to proclaim J.L Arts the winner. :yes:

Oops. There’s 6 more days. Well, for right now J.L. Arts is on the top, followed by Loramel.

I would have entered this for sure, but I have so many projects at the moment. :frowning: Great job J.L Arts! The other entries are great too (rotoscoping-wise), but yours is definitely the most action-packed, etc. :wink:

Thanks for your votes all, I didn’t think I’d actually win this :slight_smile:

I know this is obvious but J.L Arts WON! (Now you can enter the BWC!) I can’t.

I need to finish mine

BWC? Wazat?

It is the Blender World Cup.

Blenderman345, why can’t you enter the bwc this year? There are no qualifying rounds.:confused: Clearly stated that the contest is open to everyone on their webpage!

That’s not what I read. didn’t it say that you need to qualify by winning a contest to enter? If it didn’t :eek: :eek: I’m working on it…