As a star wars fan I could not resist the idea of making one :smiley: I do not think it matches 1:1 any lightsaber model, this was one of my first projects in Blender so I was more focused on different things


It doesn’t matter that it is not an exact replica… You did an excellent job at making a lightsaber, especially when it is one of your first projects!

I think it perfectly matches the look of something a prop maker for the movies would have put together from collected parts in '84. I like it :slight_smile:
P.S: also the floor looks great. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the stones near the plasma blade would start to melt / glow?


amazing!! how did you make the ground?!


Nice, I too would like to know how you made the ground.

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Thanks! I guess you are right :blush:

yeah it is true I looked at some references for some specific parts of it, so maybe that is why it looks like someone put together a lightsaber from others :smiley: Wow yes! that is actually a really cool idea and also kind of makes sense, since the laser being so close to the floor would probably do that :man_facepalming:

@paperTurtle unfortunately is I think the part I dedicated less time to :smiley: … as I worked mainly on the lightsaber.

I have just got a plane with subdivision and added a displacement map to get all the rock shapes. When doing the material for it, I added a noise texture mixed with a grunge texture and connected it to the bump channel to get that microdetail for free. For the diffuse channel I worked only with simple colors, using the pointiness node I mixed dark grey and almost black to get darker areas in creases and another one with lighter grey for getting lighter color on hard edges.


super work man !!!

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thank you for the golden tips bro

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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Very nice work! Where did you do the rendering, in Cycles or in Eevee? The light’s bloom and its spreading around, on ground and the rocks, is very impressive. How did you achieve it?

Masterfully done!

I Like it!
Nice job :sunglasses::+1:


I, for one, would like to see a "making of’ breakdown – I’d bet that CGCookie or someone would take the ball and run with it. The techniques that you describe for the gravel/rock texture sound very interesting, The “sparks” surrounding the light-blade are also impressive. It deserves to be the basis of a tutorial.

And, did you say that this was "one of your first :open_mouth: " projects in Blender?!


Gotta know how the ground was made! Looks amazing.

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I had a little play around with this earlier. I couldn’t get it looking anywhere near as good as yours. I’ll second (third?) the motion for a node tree/breakdown.

Excellent work.

I second this, can we get a wireframe maybe of the ground?

… the lightsaber is nice too obviously :smiley:

Beautiful work. I have to add myself to the list who want to know how the ground was put together! :o)

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