This is a lightsaber I just finished today. This is probobly one of the more compicated models ive done (yea I know, im a noob). Tell me waht you guys think of it (good or bad) :wink:

  • reduce spec on the black parts
  • materials all round dont look like anything in particular
  • green glow should be brighter
  • lighting needs a LOT of work
  • scene? lightsabers, as far as i know, dont turn themselves on and float in black space :wink:

Lightsabers are white in the middle and the glow surrounding it is what is colored.

The best way to do lightsaber glows is to use the sequence editor plugin for it , blendersaber:

roofoo is exactly right

if you have ever seen a star wars movie you would know this (no offense)

Ok, I tried the blend saber plugin but it does not work with the handle (tthe handle and the saber both glow). So i rigged up my own halo p[articles to create the effect:

what do you guys think? (I decided to go withe blue :wink: )

BTW is the blade/light too big?

Actually, the solution to this problem is very simple. The blade and the handle must be separate meshes. Then, you parent the blade to the handle with Ctrl-P. That way, the blade will move with the handle.

the light saber is a wepon - the grip on that looks rather unpractical
you may want to add a texture to the handel
loking good though

I agree with alabandit about the texturing of the handle. As to the length of the lightsaber…
<star wars übergeek>
The energy loop (blade) of a lightsaber is usually made to a standard length of one meter. However, other lengths of lightsaber do exist, and are made occasionally. Yoda has a shorter lightsaber because of his small stature, Exar-Kun wielded a two-bladed lightsaber with blades that could be adjusted from anything from half a meter to two and a half meters. A few other Jedi were noted for having lightsabers with variable-length blades.
</star wars übergeek>
I’m not sure the above was helpful, so basically, the blade length looks about right, although that depends on how long you visualize the handle as being. If you have a set scale, the blade should be 1 (one) meter in length, assuming that it is a standard lightsaber (like most are).