Hi, I modeled a lightsaber for a little competition here in the finished projects section, and thought I might as well post it on a separate thread. Here it goes:

Hope you like it! :slight_smile: Please comment.

Richard :slight_smile:

Um… Someone?

seems a bit uncomfortable to handle with the pipes there
and try to make it glow more, it doesnt have to be all star wars but now it looks like gas…
great modelling though


The rows of tubes coming off the saber almost look like the exhaust pipes of a chopper. I also agree with Mihunai about the difficulty in holding the sword; remember, in design, that form follows function.

Of course, one might say the function of this sword is simply to look cool and not be used; however, I think a sword that can function as a weapon and look cool is better designed.


…It looks more like the master sword from zelda

how did you accomplish the “sharp” glow effect all my atempts at making glowing blades end up verry rounded…

ok now for my critz: overall looks good blade seems a lil short the glow should be brighter the handle looks uncomfortable to hold , and for some reason it all has the same color scheme idk why but i think i’d like it better if it was a lil more mixed up… lol thats just my oponion…

neways please leme know how u did glow… im trying to give my zelot blades and all my glows are verry rounded… i havent posted any blades yet because im completly dissatisfied with them… lol