20%… :eyebrowlift2:


anyone want to make a person to hold my saber :wink:

looks good :smiley: check my signature

your lego scene is my favorite i love legos :slight_smile:

haha thanks…you can use my character for your light saber tho if you like…the topology for the clothes are terrible…i mean if it made a face i was happy lol verts scattered everywhere o_O

how can i get tho model ?

hmm i apologise…i cant seem to find my .blend…ill keep looking but sorry if i cant find it :confused:

found it :smiley:

should work

it didnt it says it isnt complete i downloaded it with fire fox chrome and iexplorer i think its corrupted

i tried it and it opens up blank, cant import as an .obj or append either :frowning:

50%… :eyebrowlift2:


supahhh HD

55% lol i have new plans


and what plans are they hmmmmm?

i think you know xD

yeah, 50/50 split, i make the man, you make the sabre :slight_smile:

…oh yes, have fun texturing him, mwahahaaa…

im not that good :frowning: it would look like a big turd

supahhh HD 2
its getting better xD still around 55% :eyebrowlift2:


wow thats light saber has developed fast…and you say the .blend doesn’t work? hmm thats strange

[edit] try this [edit]

could you try re uploading it? or was it already on the server and not on you computer?

there we go that one works :slight_smile: