currently iam working on a Workshop for SciFi stuff.
What do you think about this Lightsaber.
I know that the texture on the floor and on the little box on the saber needs still improvement.

lower right corner, the texture in the lower stripes is streched. the saber itself, seems nice thought

Have you messed with making the actual saber?

Halo + Wave(s)

what do you mean? My english lags a bit sometimes.

The plasma blade, try using a cylinder type shape, and use a halo material, subdivide it, and add a wave modifier, toy around with the settings, (low halo alpha small size) high subdivision, etc.

After you getting looking fancy, try the auto smoke modifier on it, and also check out emitting particlez. With the mivng particles emmiting short duraction smoke that is almost all emision I have made plasma.

Set speed and size of wave, and potentailly add secondary waves, this will make a nice light saber blade effect.

thats what i have planned anyway… but thank you… I like constructive answers

Heres the Concept for the Scene… the Lightsaber will go more in the foreground and the Cloak needs improvement.

Semi Final … Critique Please

A easy way for you to escape the stretching, and generally unrealistic, look of metal image textures is to use them as masks, through factor input rather than diffuse maps. IE, you could mix a dirty brown, high roughness, glossy shader with a clean steel glossy shader and use the metal textures as the factor input. Just an idea, but it looks really good :slight_smile:

about the metal, what he said. Like the concept. Fabric needs a little work. try just a really thin solidify so it doesnt look like tissue paper.

heres a little update with the final light setup. After rendering i will do a little bit of post work with Photoshop and then i call it done and i will post it in the finished Projects.