I just couldn’t resist doing this…

I guess since the release of starwars we will get a lot of this sort of stuff.

I’m pretty happy with the modelling - except for the blade - the tip isn’t terribly good. I’ve used 4 tubes of increasing diameter and I’m trying to achieve a “fuzziness” by using transparent layers

From the innermost - the transparency settings are

Which comes close - Any suggestions as to how I can improve it?

The lighting is c**p and there are no textures yet - this will be a good exploration of envmap I think;-)
This is the icky blade tip

(if these images are too big then let me know and I will downsize them and then provide a link to the bigger ones)



Any suggestions as to how I can improve it?

Yeah, use After Effects. :smiley:

And if you don’t have AE, you can always try the lightsaber-plugin found here:

Looks quiet nice. The handle is nice and detailed and the glow effect is nice but the end of the “light” it is too sharp. Subdevide-smooth it a couple of times to make it round.

You could also make a line, subdivide it a few times and give it a halo material with a small halo size and the glow color you want. Then duplicate the line and give the duplicate a halo material with half the halo size and a white color.

this might not be the worlds greatest sugestion… ut why mot try using a spotlight with a really small diameter… kinda like the old laser turorial that was floating around a while back…

i’ll see if i cant find that tutorial for you if you want…


For a decent light saber effect:(without postpro)

Use selective glow, first turn the emit value on your “blade” material way up.
Then create a new scene call it something like glow scene or something.
Now while in the main scene select all meshes, then press control+L with all meshes and the the camera slected(but dont slect the anylights), and make a link to to your glow scene. (the has just created duplicates of all your meshes in the second scene)

Now go into the sequence editor, go to the menu just above the button menu and goto>add>scene>“glowscene”, put this on the bottom level.

Next, select the glowscene strip, go, add>effect>glow, place this strip right above the glow scene strip.

Now add a strip for your main scene(Add>scene>scene)

now select the glow plugin strip and press “N” this will bring up the properties for the glow plugin, click the only glow button, you can all mess with th the settings in here to get a better effect,)
now last thing in the sequence editor select the “glow plugin” and the “scene(your main scene)” strips(use shift+RMB) and go into Add>effects>add. put this strip above ther others. tot to the render setting in the buttons menu and press the "do sequence betton bolw the animation button, and hit render, make sure sure you current frame is in between the begining and end of your strips, you should have a cool Light saber thatll render intstantly with that glow!
Related video Tut:

and sequencer should look something like this in the end:

i hope this works for you(and that you can understand it)

That’s what I did when I made my first lightsaber. No matter how I tried, I could never get that method to look as cool as I wanted. I’ve never thought of having concentric layers of differing transparency. Clever thinking. I’d like to see this one lit up…

my experiment

i used a line of verticea with a halo material

Thanks very much folks!

You’ve given me lots to work with - so I better get busy;-)