Excellent progress! :smiley:

Nice footage, give us a demo

Thanks guys! We are going to work on it for a few more weeks, and release the demo before the middle of March.

Here is a new update. We will work on this for 2 more weeks before releasing a short trailer, and a playable demo. GDC is right around the corner. Its not going to be perfect, but I think it will still be fun.

If we decide to turn this into an actual game, I think I’m going to redo all the graphics. My problem here is that I do things quickly until they are “good enough” and they make great standins. However, I believe that if I really went in and gave each asset a whole lot of love, not only can I have a great portfolio of a bunch of nice looking assets, but the game itself will be so much better. I’ve learned a lot in these past 5 months. Whatever I do going forward is just going to be better. Still though, this project isn’t over yet.

Che Spettacolo!!!

Really a beautiful job, nice to see and play !!! :slight_smile: 5*