I was playing around with the setup I used for my array tutorial that was featured on blendernation and came up with this:

I’m not quite sure what to call it, so I called it “lightspeed.”
comments welcome!


Interesting. Is that applied to a mesh or a material?

Do you have a link to the tutorial? The one you posted is dead.


heh, if you leave out the underscore in “splash_tutorial” you get a dead link.:spin::no:
The link is now active. here are the only changes I made to the tutorial to get that effect.
I changed the lamp type to spot.
I increased the array fixed count to 40
I set the ray depth to 80 (really, it’s not as bad as it sounds)
and the most important thing: I took a new cube, deleted one face and capped off the Camera end of the tube. make sure you use the same material as the cube tube.

oh, I never quite answered your question… it is completely geometry that is creating the pattern. there are recesses inside the tube that create interesting bounces of light and reflection. it’s a unique effect. I encourage y’all to play around with it…

You know, I’m in calculus 2 and as I learn more math, this image fascinates me more and more. I’d love to see this in numbers on paper…