I’m working on an animation called LightWall.

I want to make something like Coldplay Speed of Sound music video.

But I don’t know the tricks for animating, so it’s difficult for me.

Tow screens from the video:

I’m rendering the animation rigth now, I’ll post it later.

thats sooo cool hwod you do that?!?!

Nice. Good work on the halos.

First I created a cilinder with 32 vertices and deleted a haf. Then I created a texture to make the holes with light. After this, I just made the object 100% invisible and set the texture in the alpha channel.

I duplicated the cilinder and placed it behind the wall. Then I created a new material with selfillumination.

For the lines in the second image I created 4 planes and animated them with IPO Curves.

The floor is a plane with 0.50 ray mirror. I created some area lights and animated the color and the energy with IPO too.

The scene have some post production in the Nodes Editor to create the glow. :cool:

I have a question. The animation is verry fast. I want make it slowly. I’ll need to edit all the IPO one by one?

Thank you guys!

Sorry for the bad English, I’m from Brazil. :slight_smile:

You just enter edit mode in the IPO and scale it by X axis and place where it should (GKEY) :slight_smile:
If there are many IPOs… I don’t know except make them all.

Can you post a .blend file? It’s amazing, but a don’t understand how to made it.

yea thatd be nice


Well, here is the video:

The .blend file is attached.


ligwall.blend (222 KB)

Oh, sorry, I forgot to pack the texture.

New .blend


ligwall.blend (53.6 KB)

Speed it up, throw on some music, make the light match with the beat, and you got yourself one cool looking music video.

Try to use it like a equilizer

this thing is cool, i don’t know what it could be used for right now, but it is cool.

HAve you seen the ‘Audio Analysis’ tool:-

You could link the lights to be animated by a soundtrack.

Thank you guys!

@organic: it works with Windows?


It is a python script; it works with Blender.

Nice work.

It remind me a work I seen on holidays in Madrid, it was a wall of little screens, it was really really great ! I loved this work.

You can find it here:

and here: