Lightwave 3d to Blender

Hello All.

I have been marveling in the world of 3d since 1996. My 1st and really only 3d program was Lightwave 3d. Since '96 i have kept tabs all things Lightwave. Since I had it on a Amiga 1200(yes Amiga… Still have one), i have been keeping up with bits and bobs of animation work that i slooowly work through. I am not sure when i found out about Blender, but i am amazed of the power of Blender. The Blender organization and its commitment to excellence can only be compared to that of the Linux developers. Thank you to all Blender developers who take time out of their day to create such a useful and professional product.

So my main reason for being here. You search Youtube for Lightwave and there not a lot of choices out there for tutorials. Search Blender tutorial, and you get terabytes of videos. Are there any Lightwave converts out there, that know a good way to transition to Blender or is there an argument to stay with what i know? One of my main struggles is the co-ordinates system x,y,z. x= left to right, y= up and down, z= distance from camera. X an Y when I was in school was always left right up and down.

For the the Lightwave converts or maybe you are using both Blender and Lightwave, what would be your suggestion to get into Blender?. I have Blender and have opened it on a several occasions, but my brain hurt just looking at it. It is a very imposing layout

Thank you to all that take time to read


I’m a former LW user (and there are many former/current users here), so I’m willing to help as much as I can… the caveat being that I haven’t used LW for many years. Switching to Blender was quite easy for me, but I can understand if some folks find it difficult.
What helped me was looking for specific tutorials dealing with something that I wanted to do… like creating a beach scene, or rigging a character that I had created, then asking questions here on the forums if I couldn’t figure something out for myself. Maybe that’s a place to start rather than just starting with a generic “beginner in Blender” series.

I’m also a former Lightwave and Amiga user. :slight_smile:
We all are different but for me it worked best to not try to make Blender to behave like Lightwave and instead start from scratch and learn to use Blender as it is. I would try to learn some basic hotkeys that is used through the whole app like S(Scale),G(/Grab/Move),R(Rotate) and the X,Y,Z keys and then the numpad keys. This will make everything so much easier, atleast it did it for me.

Here’s some good fundamentals videos.

Here’s a link to a Lightwave thread

Another LightWave user since 1993 on an an Amiga. And my first introduction to it was around 1991. A partner in an old studio we had together had a toaster in 1992. After we went our separate ways business wise I bought my own.

Started using the stand alone windows in 1995.

I worked in an indi studio in 1995 for a while with LightWave but then mostly moved to live action films using LighWave in a limited capacity until 2005 when I picked it back up at version 8.

Three years later in 20O8 I switched to Blender.

There are a lot of us here and many more on the way.

I don’t think I can add to what has been said. But welcome and keep reaching out for help. Lots of us here.