Lightwave 5 exporter

Hi is there a way to change the python script so I can export Lightwave 5 models. A and a bunch of Video editors who use Pinnacle Hollywood FX can only import Lightwave 5 models and they are never going to change this. What I do now is export some other model format from Blender and then use Biturn to convert to a Lightwave 5 format. It sure would be nice however to export directly from Blender.
Thanks for any feedback.

I doubt youll get anyone to work on this for blender. (dev’s generally dont want to work on supporting old formats)

Your best bet is to find some command line tool to automate conversion.

Thanks for the feedback.
I use a free external tool now called Biturn that works pretty good. I guess I will either learn python or continue to use Biturn to convert the models. I figure it couldn’t be all that hard to write the python script and in fact one of the very old Lightwave ones may hold the key.