Lightwave 6.0 to Blender mesh...

Hi all,

Just found a lightwave mesh stashed away in a dark corner somewhere on the internet. I’ve only imported one other lightwave mesh before and it came in as a pretty clean mesh, all the vertices, edges, and faces, matched and worked in blender.

This new mesh I found is 120 objects, it only needs to be about 50 or so. The topology of it seems to be flawed by blender standards, see the attached photo to see what I mean…

So do I have to manually correct all the problems with this mesh?? Or is there a better why to import this mesh?



I have found LWO to be a very reliable format. What you see is what you get though. So correct away!


I think they could be N-Gons in Lightwave and F-Gons in Blender?
F-Gons are fake N-Gons. Try pressing F then Clear F-Gon with the
same selected verts as shown in your post.

Also try removing doubles and reversing normals.

Hope this helps?



Hi pixeltwist,

I tried the f-key trick you suggested and it gave me a bunch of triangle faces, see attached picture.

Would the retopo tool be of much help here? I’m not strong at modelling and don’t know all the in’s and out’s, so I am looking for an easy fix…



Hi Randy,

Yepper me thinks Retopo is the tool of the day. That mesh has a few N-Gons.
When BMesh is implemented it will become a level playing field. :wink:

If I may ask what is the models destination?



Sorry forgot to say.

N-Gons are N sided faces. So you can have 5/6/12 or even 24 sides to
a polygon. Blender is unable to do this at present. So it triangulates
all of the N-Gons it encounters. Hence the triangulated outcome of F
Clear F-Gons.

Hope this helps even further.



Hey pixeltwist,

Thanks for the replies, I don’t know the retopo tool all that well so I guess i will be learning it soon.

F-gons, n-gons, ah, I’m lost. So i googled things and came up with this…

So do I start to fool with this project, or do i set it aside and wait on blender 2.5 and hope this mesh imports cleaner???

As for the destination of this, I assume you mean what am I going to do with it. Once I have a clean mesh, I’ll add an armature and animate it…and I’ll probably learn alot along the way


Sorry for the delay been working away.

N-Gons make life easier in certain circumstances. But cause
problems at other times.

If a model is destined to be exported to another application or
Subsurfed then all quads is the way to go. Because you can
predict what they will do in every application.

BMesh will be here in 2.5x and it will be of great help. But if
you are learning to model then quads mean your model can go
anywhere and not have people scratching there heads or having
to remesh it.