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(hannibar) #1

Has anyone ever written an exportscript that exports to Lightwave LWO format? If yes? Where can I find it? I did a search but couldn’t find anything, and crossroads can’t write LWO-files yet.

I have asked this in the Q&A forum already, but it didn’t get many responses, so maybe this is a better place to ask.



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(Condorcet) #3

I don’t see a lwo export script on that page.

I’ve never seen one, in fact–import, yes, but not export.


(scorpius) #4

I wrote several import and export scripts. LWO shouldn’t be hard to do. If there is a high demand, I’ll write one.

(mthoenes) #5

A lightwave export script would be very useful to me as well. I have sucessfully opened obj files and dxf files exported from Blender. I am new to lightwave however and have not been able to understand how to have lightwave recognize multiple objects as separate. When I import an obj with multiple objects into Cinema4d demo, it recognizes all the individual objects and I can continue to modify them an select them individually
I am experimenting with Lightwave 5.5, perhaps a newer version would handle this differently or most likely, I just don’t know what I am doing.


(Condorcet) #6

I had this same problem importing Blender objects to Bryce until I realized it had to do with materials. Different objects with the same material will generally be recognized as the same object–at least when importing dxf and obj. So give every object a different mat name and see if it works.

I’m hoping to get a blender export script that I can open in Bryce (lwo, 3ds, cob) that will export lights. I want to export an hdr light sphere created with eeshlo’s script. I’d do it myself, but I have no idea how.


(hannibar) #7

I wrote several import and export scripts. LWO shouldn’t be hard to do. If there is a high demand, I’ll write one.

It would be very nice if you wrote one. :smiley:

(dotblend) #8

if you have some spare time, maybe you also update the virtualight export script?
if you need more info please mail me @ h[email protected]

yay, a new domain!

(Guinness) #9

I started to update the Virtual Light export script for Blender 2.25 until you mentioned that Blender 2.23 would run the script.
Since then I’ve been experimenting with Virtual Light. I will probably get back around to updating the script soon if no one else does - also some of the new VL features could be added.

Some of the changes will be things like this example:


scene = Blender.getCurrentScene()


scene = Blender.Scene.getCurrent()


for name in scene.objects:

print name


for name in scene.getChildren():
print name