Lightwave files

I have many lightwave files since I was using lightwave before blender. Is it possible to bring in some objects like cups, bottles, pencils, I have done in lightwave? I know blender will accept OBJ files from Lightwave, but how about other object, do I have to bring them into lightwave and make them an obj file, what are the requirments if that obj files has textures and comrised of more then one layer?

Second part of my question is if I can bring some of those finished files into Blender, what is the avenue I have to take to bring them into a scene I already have. I tried to bring in a obj file into a scene, it will not let me do it!

yes you can!
you should to put a cross in the add-on inport export in the blender preference (ctrl -alt- u)
before i use lightwave!
you can only import objecy layer…

I’ve been using Lightwave when I was at school, I was trained on it and it was my main 3D software before I switched to Blender. At one time, I used to share geometry from Blender to Lightwave and from Lightwave to Blender quite often. I used the lwo native format and I didn’t have so much problems except some unwanted mirrors or 90° rotations when importing the mesh to the other software but it wasn’t that complicated to fix. It was before Blender 2.5 and I don’t really use Lightwave anymore now but I guess lwo is still supported.

Now as regards textures, I didn’t try to share textured objects between Blender and Lightwave but in my opinion this won’t be as easy as sharing geometry. edit : anyway, when you import an UV unwrapped object, the UV map is conserved so you can apply textures again and tweak shaders.

If you have a Lightwave object and you want to import it in an existing Blender scene, just open this scene in Blender and import the Lightwave object in the scene thanks to the corresponding addon.
The object will be supposed to be found in the active layer.
But, in my opinion, when you work with imported object, there is a cleaner method :

  • Import your Lightwave object in an empty Blender scene, fix the problems if ther is some of them (mirrors, rotations, scale …), save this file.
  • open in Blender the scene in which you wanted to import your Lightwave object.
  • click file/append and find your saved Blender file and select the imported object.

This way, you won’t have to fix things in your final scene, I think it’s more efficient but it’s just my opinion.

I also have been using Lightwave way back when it was called Toaster…I had to load 15 floppies (before CDs)…so it is hard for me at my age (70) to start over with blender…In Blender I have done some things that were hard to do in LW, especially using bones in Blender is so much easier, especially the ROLL of the bones to get right, among other things. I will try your method to see if I can bring in some files from LW into exsiting scene. I will save your reply. What is the corresponding add on your talking about? and the active layer, explain that in more detail terms…I only been using Blender less than a month.

Actually, I started using Lightwave in 2006 and I stopped around 2009 so it was quite recent. During this period I used Blender and 3DS Max as well, so I’m certainly not as experienced as you with Lightwave :slight_smile:

What I meant by “the corresponding addon” is :
since Blender 2.5, you need to enable some addons to be able to import/export some format, go in file/user preferences then “addon”. Find the Lightwave objects importer addon (you can do a research) and check the box on the right to enable this addon.
Now you can import lwo files by clicking file/import/Lightwave objects, same thing for export.

Indeed, a lot of things are better in Blender than in Lightwave, in my opinion, for instance the rigging/skinning as you said, especially with tools like rigify. Also I think the development of Blender is so much faster than Lightwave development and so the evolutions of Blender satisfy more the needs of the users.
In Lightwave, I liked the texturing, texturing in Blender is not less efficient, it’s just different.
An advantage of Lightwave, was FPrime renderer to me but with Cycles, I’m sure we will get something much better :slight_smile: