Lightwave Import....Blender Crash!

:< Lightwave models import into blender ok…if I select TAB/or edit mode blender crashes!

Also I’ve found that this only happens with models over 80k…
Also if I export the model as OBJ, i can re-import and edit just fine.

I suspect its a Python Version issue because the import script on blender versions 2.3x>2.37a now also cause termination, that’s if LW import script works (python 2.4.x). :wink:

Was working on the lightwave importer last night so you can send offenting moduls to…
cbarton _at _ -
Probably better, report in the bug tracker or contact scorpius who originaly wrote lightwave import.
I have tested lightwave importer but its realy hard to replicate user error with only a small base of testfiles.

Hi dlomas.
Are your meshes in LW6 format (or above)?
In this case I’ve spent quite a large deal of time on the importer, so maybe I could help, and I’ll be pleased if you can send the offending model to me also.
uaraus-dem -at- yahoo -dot- it